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Offering New Dance and Movement Services!

In case you missed my page about dance consulting's another reminder. I am now offering dance consulting services in addition to private dance and mindful movement classes.

Remote Services=Fast and Affordable Help

Offering remote services means that this is an affordable way to help you succeed with personalized feedback. Whether it is technique notes or group placement notes, this is a sure way to help you. You can send pre-recorded rehearsals, performances, or I can zoom in for a specified rehearsal time.


Pre-recorded- $5 per minute of the pre-recorded piece. For example- a 3 minute piece will be $15. You will get recorded feedback just as you would in a competition and a pdf with notes specified along with time markers. Possibility for recorded videos to explain technical corrections as well! I will record my voice giving corrections over your video so there it is clear what I am talking about. I also have the ability to pause your video for better and technical corrections/explanations. This is not possible to do when you get your recordings from competitions as there is no pause button!

Via Zoom- $60 per hour. This hour can consist of rehearsal of one piece or perhaps many and I can provide feedback and notes directly to you then and there. I will also send a pdf with notes after the rehearsal.

Special Note: If I am not the expertise in your area of dance that you are wanting to get feedback on, I will help you get in touch with someone that is. My network of fellow dancers varies in style and I am more than happy to assist in connecting you with the right person.

Whether you are reviewing pieces for competition, auditions, or for personal practice, this can be the tool that helps you in achieving your goals. Don’t wait! Contact me today for questions, inquiries, or to set up some services. Looking forward to hearing from you and many thanks in advance. Please feel free to share my information with your students!

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