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As a professional dancer, an educator, a judge, and a dance enthusiast, I offer my consulting services to you.

Choosing a career in dance or finding the right program can be a daunting challenge, the list of schools and possibilities is vast. My professional and pre-professional experience has taken me around the world in terms of training and education in addition to performing. Over the past 20+ years in dance, I have had the wonderful opportunity to help students, parents, and early career artists find the path for them. Not only do I provide consulting services, I am also able to connect with my network regarding specific programs as needed.

I have had the opportunity to perform and teach across the world in the styles of ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical, hip hop, and musical theater. Having performed with ballet companies, concert dance companies, theme parks, film and TV, and many events, my experience has allowed me to understand and be knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed. My leadership and coaching strategies have evolved from experience and education as I have also obtained my bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. 


Phone Call or Virtual Meeting-$100/hr

Technique Coaching-$150/hr

Solo Choreography-$750 flat fee

Additional Information:

I will send information after meeting with you about what we discussed, information on the programs/schools, and am happy to answer additional questions.

*Fees are payable via PayPal or Venmo. Agreed upon services will be invoiced to clients directly.

Dance Consulting and Workshops: Welcome


I'm here to help!

When judging competitions, there are a few things that judges look for and maybe an outside eye is just what you need to improve your technique, your presence, and your chances of placing. Don’t be a fool to tricks! Tricks will not help you become a better, stronger dancer. As an adjudicator, there are two main things we look at: technique and performance. Technique is going to be the most definitive in terms of score. Technique encompasses more than just pointing your foot! There is also technique in how one uses the floor, entire body placement, use of hands and fingers, nuance and epaulement, and especially in groups, positions and lines! 

I have judged with Starpower, Nexstar, and Believe competitions, taught at industry leading studios, have been brought in to rehearse a national winning dance team, and hope to inspire all those I work with to keep improving and find ways to continually be a safe, strong, and artistic dancer. 

Remote Services = Affordable help

Offering remote services means that this is an affordable way to help you succeed with personalized feedback. Whether it is technique notes or group placement notes, this is a sure way to help you. You can send pre-recorded rehearsals, performances, or I can zoom in for a specified rehearsal time. 


Pre-recorded- $5 per minute of the pre-recorded piece. For example- a 3 minute piece will be $15. You will get recorded feedback just as you would in a competition and a pdf with notes specified along with time markers. Possibility for recorded videos to explain technical corrections as well!

Via Zoom- $60 per hour. This hour can consist of rehearsal of one piece or perhaps many and I can provide feedback and notes directly to you then and there. I will also send a pdf with notes after the rehearsal.

All levels accepted. Solos and groups accepted. Payment available via paypal or venmo. Services are rendered upon receipt of payment.

Contact me now to set up services!

Dance Consulting and Workshops: Bio


A Workshop

Dance is a universal language and the body is an instrument. Just as one would learn to play the piano, you learn to play the body through movement, evoking emotion, thought, and feeling. 

A workshop curated for advanced students to further develop creativity, we will explore technique, choreography, and the use of breath to develop artistry and musicality. Playing with music and movement leads to a greater understanding of how we can interpret music and movement, how we hear music, how we move, and how we can be artists and athletes. I bring you my experience and learnings from my education and professional career to take your dancing to the next level. Graduating from University of North Carolina School of the Arts and having trained at School of American Ballet, Houston Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre, led me to begin a professional career and I have had the opportunity to work with the Joffrey Ballet, Luna Negra Dance Theater, DanceWorks Chicago, Los Angeles Ballet, Universal Studios, Disney, event productions, and national TV and film. I have learned what it takes to be adaptable and successful and want to share what I have learned with you! 

Going from student to professional may seem daunting, but I will help you stand out from the crowd by providing expertise in technique and artistry. How did I land a 1 in 4 contract at Disney World who employs thousands of performers each year? Allow me to share it with you.


3 hour Workshop

In an online setting, I can easily come to you wherever you are. Via Zoom, I can work with a limited number of students to allow for one on one feedback and instruction. 15 students max. $30 per student. This workshop will include a 1.5 hour ballet class, 1 hour choreography workshop, and 30 minute Q&A. 

In Person

3 hour Workshop

In an in person setting, I can work with more students than online and it is the same offering: a 1.5 hour ballet class, 1 hour choreography workshop, and 30 minute Q&A. $40 per student.

Contact me today for questions, inquiries, or to set up workshops and classes.

Dance Consulting and Workshops: Bio
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