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Easy Things You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day: Today and Everyday

We've all been receiving a lot of information over the past few years about the state of our beautiful, incredible planet. The latest IPCC report has triggered a series of articles, posts, and videos about the urgency for change and adaptation. The use of trigger words has been growing and the state of fear and panic these words can induce does not help anyone. Have we done damage to our planet? Yes, we have. That is science backed and factual. Can we adapt and make changes to slow the bad change and make our living tendencies sustainable and begin to repair damage? Yes! We can absolutely do this. Nature and mother earth are powerful and they have changed throughout time, we cannot put a full stop to their change, just as we cannot put a full stop to our aging process, but we can make healthy choices. We're all connected anyways ;)

Often it feels like we won't be able to make any difference as an individual, but the truth is that you can and it's easy. Taking a few minutes here or there and making some small changes to your daily habits can add up and by you doing it, you may encourage others to do it. Change happens one person at a time. Michelle Obama said that in Parks and Recreation!

One very easy way that doesn't cost you anything, besides a couple minutes of your time, is signing a petition for different initiatives. There is power in numbers and we elect government officials to represent us. They have made a promise to fight for the people they represent, so tell your representatives what you want! You don't have to give money, you may be prompted, but that is only if you can and feel the desire to. There are a few different websites that can you search for to sign some petitions:

Now, we can all use a little refresher on how to be a bit more earth-friendly when it comes to consumption or daily habits. Myself included! It gets easy to caught up in the easiness of delivery and access to plastic wrapped/based goods. (Did you all see that article about plastic particles found in human blood and lungs?????) Here are some ideas:

  • Turn off computers and monitors and unplug phone chargers when not in use

  • Turn off lights when you are not in the room

  • Lower the thermostat on your water heater and turn it off when you go on vacation

  • Take short showers or turn off the water when you wash your body and turn it back on when you rinse

  • Wash full loads of laundry and dishes

  • Use reusable bags whenever you shop, not just at the grocery store

  • Bring your own mug when you get coffee

  • Bring your own silverware to eat and avoid single use plastic

  • Ride your bike or walk to work if you can

  • Turn your AC to a a couple degrees warmer, especially at night

  • Eat and support locally made goods and foods

  • Recycle correctly

  • Try out composting

  • Make sure to get outside and breathe

  • Get involved in different eco conscious groups

  • Be mindful about what you read, make sure to check the source

This is not an exhaustive list, but simply some ideas that can hopefully help. Happy Earth Day 2022!

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