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Getting Your U.S. Marriage Recognized in France

There are different ways in which one can attain a long stay visa for France; school, family, work, refugee, etc. The easiest way to look up what kind of visa you are eligible for is by checking out the official website for French visas . My husband is a French citizen so I was able to get a visa Vie Privée et Familiale. Now, we have to remember that the U.S. is relatively young when compared to most of the coun

Shipping to France

When my husband and I decided to move to France, we had to figure out what we were going to do with our "stuff". Some people make the choice to sell most of their items and only bring what they can in their suitcase and others ship their items across the ocean. We love our furniture and had invested money into it and we had a bunch of equipment that we wanted to bring with us. After doing some research, we decided to ship our items to France. Now, we are fortunate that we had

How did you get your dog to France?

This is a question I am often asked when people find out our dog, Winston, came with us to France from the U.S. It is possible to travel internationally with your furry friends! However, it does take some time, preparation, and costs in order to do so. We first traveled to France with Winston in November of 2020. We were fortunate at this time because the U.S. airlines were still recognizing ESA's (emotional support animal) as a service animal and they could be on the plane n

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